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  • NxtHawk Zoom Camera (NxtHawk 22)
    It features a functional dome shape to support 360˚ pan, tilt, and 23x optical zoom all controlled by remote inside a vehicle or at an EOC. This camera can be used in multiple different applications including HAZMAT monitoring, scene surveillance, on scene accountability, and training. The ruggedized outer shell of the NxtHawk means that it can be mounted outside of a vehicle 24/7/365 in any conditions whether night, day, or under unfavorable weather conditions. The NxtHawk is a necessary tool for those looking for a reliable mobile video recording solution

    •Outdoor Housing
    Armor Dome, Approval IP66
    480 TV Line Resolution
    0.5 Lux (Color) / 0.01 Lux (B/W) Sensor
    •23x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom
    Remote Control, 23x Optical Zoom, PTZ, Outdoor use
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  • AE-180 (AE-180)
    •CCD night vision camera                                                                                    
    •Provides super wide viewing angle(180°) 
    •Mini size and flexible installation,                                                                
    •Mounted on rear, front, or either side of vehicles.                                                              
    •Waterproof, shatterproof protection which level equals to IP69K.
    •Operating temperature from-20ºC to +70ºC.
    180° Wide Angle, Night Vision Camera
  • AE-512 (AE-512)
    • This revolutionary dual CCD night vision camera truly provides the utmost clear image at all times. At the CCTV market, most of night vision camera has only 1 CCD built in which cannot able to provide the true image quality display. Why? - for the video display, the day light wavelength and IR wavelength is different. With the new technology - Built in 2 independent SONY CCD, AE-512 provided 100% true color display at the day time with color CCD and super clear picture quality at the night time with B/W CCD (noise free), both CCD working independently. Available Lens: 3.6mm, 6mm 
    Dual CCD, Night Vision
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