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  • DVR Card 4400 R
    DVR Card- 4400R (4400R)
    KODICOM 4400R provides 4 channel of camera inputs and 120 frames of display/recordingit also delivers the function of higher recording speed & audio inputs for department store and parking lot, hospital, etc concerned high recording speed than display.
    • Real-Time monitoring:
    • Simultaneously record up to 16 cameras.
    • Search real-time:
    • Searh by date, time and camera.
    • Image compression & storage:
    • High-resolution compression to average of 1~6kb per picture with kodicom patented engine-k codec algorithm.
    • Motion tracking:
    • Enables a camera to follow an object without manual intervention.
    • Image transmission:
    • High quality picture transmission over pstn, isdn & lan network.
    • Auto transmission:
    • Auto transmission to monitoring center when emergency occurs.
    • Multi screen monitoring:
    • 1, 4, 9, 16 split monitoring.
    • Remote control:
    • Pan/tilt/zoom, control and other electronic devices.
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  • card reader
    Magnetic Stripe Card Swipe Reader (HCE-402)
    This PS2 Powered Card Reader reads 3 tracks of data. Its compact size is very convenient. It reads every type of credit card, like ISO and AAMVA formats, HiCo or LoCo. This Credit Card Reader has a 600,000 swipe long life.
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